Monday, July 10, 2006

A bad and good day!!!

Bad day!!

Hmmm... I just came back from a long bus ride from Malaysia. I was caught in three different jams!! Can you believe it???

Jam no. 1
An accident happened. But it was on the other side of the road!! So people being people slowed down their vehicles just to see the acident even though our side was not affected [My bf will always get angry when people do this. He said that we should just mind our own business. But... I always look at the accidents for fear that it may be someone I know...].

Jam no. 2
A car broke down on the speeding lane on our side!!! My bf has something to say about this too. He said that people ought to check their cars beofre leaving the house. Well, well, well... His car brokedown once when we were on a date!!! Huh!! Pot calling the kettle black!!
Anywayz, it caused a huge traffic delaying us for half and hour!

Jam no. 3
This is something we can't predict. The causeway was packed with car. Hence, causing me to be once again caught in a jam!!!

What a day!!!

Well... what's good about today then...?

My bf picked me up from my house today and it was raining. So, he actually left his car with an umbrella, walked up to my gate and picked me up so that I won't get wet...

Everyone say: 'Aaaahhhhh.....' :)

Friday, January 13, 2006

I am back...

How long has it been...???
4 months since I last blogged...

I have found a new job.
I am a licensing executive in a univeristy.
I basically ensure that the content used by the uni has complied with all intellectual property law.
It is very refreshing because finally what I have studied is put to test.
I have worked for 4 months now.
That explains why I haven't been blogging...
Been too busy trying to adpat to the new work environment.

I think this is all I'l write for now...
I actually got a new laptop so I am figuring out how to us it.
After months of pondering as to whether I should get a laptop and finally getting one for myself,
my boyfrined decided that he didn't want his laptop anymore...
So he is giving it to me...

Monday, August 22, 2005

It's been too too long since I blogged... I was simply not in the mood to blog. Probably there is nothing much to write because nothing much happened in my life...

Anyway, I went to a water park yesterday. It was so fun.. Fortunately it was cloudy yesterday so I did not get myself burnt. Its more for kids actually but sometimes it is nice to do things that you used to do when you were small.

I also met my nieces yesterday. They have made me doubt whether I should be a mother one day. They are so so naughty... I can play with them once in a while but to care for them 24/7...???

I think this is all I want to write at the moment. I shall leave with this interesting question:

'Why are there only two candidates for presidency and 51 for Ms USA?'

Thursday, July 28, 2005

A cafe I went to...

Last weekend, My friends and I went to a cafe uptown. It was close to midnight. When we arrived we were told that there was no more seats available cos our group was quite big.

But guess what else the waiter told us? He told us that we could wait for another half hour and then he'l give us seats..

My question is how is it possible for him to be certain that people were gonna leave within that time span? It was weird but we gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited for 30mins. When we were abt to begin our waiting time another group came in. their group was as big as ours and they ask for a table not their table. And Im sure you can guess it, they got a table. I was thinking what was so special about their group...Then I saw a celebrity in the group...I see... So this is how you get a table in a crowded place. How fair is that??

Anyway after the thirty mins were up, we went back to the cafe and were given seats. Our seats were situated outside the restaurant. As far as I can remember, when we came the first time, those seats were already empty. I thought they din want people to sit outside when it was pretty late so that they can contain their customers. So this was pretty weird...

If this is not enough, the service was the worst in the world. I was there for 10 mins and decided to go to the bathroom. I returned and waited another 10 mins before someone from the kitchen realise that our orders had not been taken. And of course our orders took forever to come. Plus the bill was high...

I thought of naming the cafe but decided not to cos the owner was previously a lawyer. I think I'd better save myself from a lawsuit...

The only thing that might entice me to come to the cafe again is how nice the place feels and that it opens 24 hrs.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A tiny bit about my boyfriend...

My boyfriend related an incident that occurred when he was a child and this is the story...

He told his dad that he wanted to call his friend. His dad said that it was alright for him to do so. All he had to do was to get his friend's house number.

Guess what my boyfriend (whom I thought was a very smart man) did...???

He went down to his friend's house and took down the number on the door (which was 17). He went back home and dialled 17 from his phone...!!!

How silly can you get...???

I am glad this occurred decades back...I can't imagine dating someone this silly...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Am I glad that I am not a proctologist.

A cardiologist died and was given an elaborate funeral. A huge heart covered in flowers stood behind the casket during the service.

Following the eulogy, the heart opened and the casket rolled inside.

The heart then closed sealing the doctor in the beautiful heart forever.

At that point, one of the mourners burst into laughter.

When all eyes stared at him, he said, "I'm sorry I was just thinking of my own funeral. I'm a gynaecologist."

That was when the proctologist, a doctor specialising in diseases of the rectum and anus fainted.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Picked the wrong guy, gave him the wrong finger...

Q: How do you inform people that you decided not to marry your fiance because he was a jerk?

A: You can make a card which staes SINGLE on the cover and on the inside simply say:

'Picked the wrong guy, gave him the wrong finger.'

Isn't this smart??

By the way this is a true life account which I caught on the Oprah Winfrey show...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A salute to parents

I dedicate this post to all parents. I am truly amazed at the time, patience and commitment that parents have.

I am surfing the net now and at the same time i have my niece playing the laptop that I am using. She is pressing the screen and even tried to press the keyboard.

I have a number of nieces and nephews cos I come from a big family. I am closest to four of them cos I always visit their mothers and this creates a bond between me and them. there are times whn my cousins ask my assistance when it comes to their children. More often than not am willing to offer my help.

The thing is this: If you ask me to look after them for an hour or two, I am willing but to look after them for almost the rest of my life...??

Sometimes I wonder what is t that made people decide to have children. I mean it cannot come instantly..Or can it?? At the age of 22, I stll cannot see myself having children. When I see my nieces crying they are times when I really don't know what to do..I remeber once when I was at my bf's house and his niece and nephew started crying we actually left the house (their parents are at home in case some of you star worrying). They are not my kids so I can just walk out.

So I am truly and honestly amazed of all parents in the world. It really is a big decision to rase a child. There are so many things to thing about when it comes to a child. To me if you decide to be a parent, you must be really brave. You have all the time, patience and commtment that I can't imagine. I really salute all parents...including mine...

Monday, June 27, 2005

The thing with staring...

Its been a long, long time since I took public transport. For the past five years, I have been travelling by car. When I returned to Singapore, I went back to taking public transport. I noticed one obvious thing. Poeple stare at each other.

I cam acroos an article before on this issue. It was written by a non- Asian who made the observation that this behaviour of staring at strangers is apparent in the Asian countries especially Singapore. One of the reasons that she said to be the cause of this culture is that fact that we Asians are not confident with ourselves. Thus we tend to stare at people to see whtether the girl across the aisle is prettier than us or whether she is wearing something nicer that us.

Hence according to this writer if we are confident with ourselves we will not be staring and analysing strangers. I don't know but maybe this may be true.

For me I do tend to look at strangers but it is not because I want to compare myself with others. It is just that some times some peoples wear nice things. So I basicaly admire how they look and what they are wearing and if possible learn a thing or two about dressing up. There is no hidden agendas..And I don't stare at people for hours. I would just take a glance and move on.

But I don't deny that being stared by people is uncomfortable..

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hello Singapore... Oh Boy.. I really miss this place. Its been 5 years..Now I'm back here..

I went for a job inteview this afternoon. I will now apologise to all interviwers for the misconception I had on all of you... I always though they will be very fierce with a no nonsence attitude. Who would thought that the interviewer will be sweet lady. But I would have to say that it was a good experience.

I have a problem here. Initially when I got the offer for this job
I din realise the company I would working with. Its a US multinational company with business all over the world especially in Asia. Unfortunately, it is a contract but it would be a very good exposure. I would accept it even though it is for three to six months.

Tomorrow I'm going for another interview. I really like this job..So how now..Im not sure if I'l pass tomorrow's interview...Haiz...

I'm so hungry rite now..My aunt's maid is frying some noodles but I'l be having steamboat at my house...Y is my mom preparing steamboat? Simply because I took my family out for father's day dinner at a steamboat restaurant. It was simply amazing..

Friday, June 17, 2005

I finally stopped work on Wednesday. So I was at home the whole day doing small, small things like the laundry, cooking and cleaning my books and notes..

At that point I realised that while I sometimes complain about my work, I actually like to work. I suppose if I were to like a particular job, I'll be able to stick to it and very happy. I can't wait to find another job... Whenever I worked, I felt productive. For the past month at work, there isn't much to do actually. I merely went to work and did some admin work and most of the time I surf the net. Yet somehow, I felt productive. Seriously, I do not know how I am going to handle not working for the next few weeks.. There;s a job waiting for me at the end of the month but its just the normal admin work. I haven't decided whether I want to accept the job.. Whatever lah...
Anyway, I will not be blogging as often because I'll be in Singapore and in Singapore I do not have as much access to the net as I do here. I've to think of ways to find access.. Maybe I'll go to my aunts' place and use their net...

My ex colleagues are actually taking me out for dinner tonight. Unfortunately, I just receivd a call from one of them who said that she can't make it cos she will be celebrating father's day today and she has to get a gift for him. Its not even her father but her father in law. Whatever lah...

I don't know whether I mentioned this before but there are a number of horrible people in my ex workplace..They are the ones who have been making the lives of the staffs here miserable. I heard that they fought among themselves today.. It was the happiest news that I heard today. Everyone was happy.

By the way, two of them are having an affair although they both have families... They thought they can keep it from us...

Monday, June 13, 2005

Work..and more wrok...

I've finally made up my mind to quit and my last day will be this Wednesday. I am afraid no doubt that I may not be able to find job which I can adapt to like my present one. Yet, I think I am making a smart move by changing my job for I think I need the exposure especially since I am very young.

So my plan now would be to just get whatever job which can sustain me financially while I concentrate on my LLM. I might reconsider doing it full time since I have all the time in the world.

I spoke to my boyfriend yesterday and he told me to do another paper after completing my LLM. I thought of doing the ICSA course. My mom really wants me to be lawyer but I am seriously not ready to be one. I've seen many horrifying experiences of other lawyers that made me not go that path. Maybe one day I'll be a lawyer but I'll wait for my boyfriend to open up his own firm so that I can join him.

Anyway enough of my job.. I'm quite sick of speaking of it...By the way, my font has changed back to the original one. I've no idea what and how it happened...

I just wrote that I no longer want to talk about work but I can't help it because I am going to say something about one of my colleagues (MG). MG was upset with me and one of the seniors. She claimed that she does not belong to the college and the previous colleagues were all friendly. She made this comment all because we went for breakfast and lunch without asking her to come along.

Okay..Maybe its partly my fault for not asking her. But I used to ask her out. She declined to follow on the basis that she had a lot of work. Now she claimed to be free. How an I suppose to know that she is free?Further most of the time, I don't plan to go for lunch. Last Friday we went for lunch in a big group of six and went in two cars. We didn't plan it. It was a situation of one person inviting another and that other invites another. That was how the group for big. Plus she was on at work when we decided to go.

Honestly, I didn't expect this from her. Sometimes its funny...

I've one more story about her before I end my entry. We went out the other day and she drove her manual car. We went to a restaurant which was situated on a steep slope. Guess what she did? She drove up the steep slope in third gear. The engine of course switched off when we were in the course of going up the slope. The handbreak did not help to keep the car stationery and the car was reversing into the main road where cars are coming at full speed. It was a scary incident but it was seriously hilarious. I've never encountered such an incident in my life. We were laughing while trying to get the car up the slope and of course it was embarrassing because cars that pass by actually hooted and some guys were even laughing at us...

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


I have a question..How did my font size change?? I didn't change it. When I checked my blog today the size changed..What did I do???How do I change it back....???

I received a comment about my blog. It was said that my shorthand is very confusing. I'm so sorry. I didn't realise that. So from now on I will spell my words out properly. There is also another problem with my blog. I don't check for spelling errors. That I know...Sometimes I just lazy to do a spelling check.. But I'll start. I thank everyone for your comments especially the constructive ones.

Anyway, my work place is getting worse. A meeting was held the last Friday where my senior lecturers were scolded by one of the other colleagues. This other person is a self claimed general manager for the tourism department. How can he scold them?

Some of my other colleagues are actually leaving..Good for them because the management gives them a very difficult time. I might be leaving too..I've been job hunting for the last week. Its very daunting. I guess I was lucky to be offered a job at this college right after my graduation. Now that I am finally looking for a job, I realised how far behind I am. It doesn't really matter what your qualification. Everyone seems to be asking for the same thing- experience- something that I don't have. I have never worked before in my life. This is my first job ever. It is a good experience because it opens up my eyes as to the range of persons that I will be dealing with. At this point I realised that 'people' are the most difficult to deal with. I don't know who I'm facing and everyday I face different people.

Now I'm going to find for jobs again...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

It's a nice cool morning...

With rain plattering outside...

It would be great to be in bed, sipping hot chocolate with a good book in hand...

Taking me own sweet time to leave the bed...


But... guess where I am???

I'm in my stupid office... Reading a newspaper articles titled, 'Why boys lag behind girls'...-Tho informative, I look pathetic...Watching my marketing executive frantically saving her computer having accidentally downloaded a virus...

At this point, I really feel like screaming..Why...?Why..??Why.......???

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My very frustrating day..

It was a frustrating day yesterday...

  • I woke up at 6.00 to get to work by 7.45. I'm not a morning person so the fact tt I've to wake up early really pisses me off esp if it is not for something worthwhile.
  • I reached at 7.30 while my CEO arrived at 8.05- Our appointment was 10.30.
  • It will take us 2 Hrs to got there cos it is out of town
  • CE drove to my Head of Faculty's (HOF) house at 20km/h. Upon reaching he sped up and din realise a bump ahead.
  • My HOF took over the driving. On the highway he decided to follow the speed limit strictly which was 110km/h. I'm used to going at 140km/h.
  • Plus we were late.
  • Reached the venue and discovered that the personel tt we were suppose to meet went outstation for a workshop.
  • Came back and went to the exam centre where my students were sitting for their exams.
  • Found out tt there was some construction work going on outside the exam centre.
  • The washrooms were also far- two blocks away.
  • Came back to college at 4 where I was given the news tt i will be invigilating again today.
  • This is the world's most boring job.

So all the above made me very frustrated yesterday. It also made me angry with three people:

The receptionist: When we arrived and asked for the personel, the receptionist told us tt she had a meeting. We thought it was an internal meeting so we tod him tt we will wait for her. He said fine- we can wait for her. 15 minutes later, he told us tt she went outstation. I am angry with the fact tt when I asked for the first time he should know tt she went outstation. Why did he have to make us wait for 15 minutes before telling us tt she was actually not around. this is utterly rubbish and clear cut inefficiency..

The Stupid personel: I made an appointment with her on Saturday. Saturday is only three days away from Tuesdau. Won't u know tt u are going for a workshp three days before it?Workshps are not planned within a short period of time. Unless it is some screwed up workshop which then explains why she is going. Is she stupid or blind? I asked her to check her schedule on Saturday and she confirmed many times tt she was free on Tuesday. I just don't get this kind of thing.. I was very angry with her. If i have the chance i will scold her the next time she fix an appointment with her. Unfortunately I'm not talking to her. My admin exec will be doing the talking.

The School personel:I met with the school personel to see if they could ensure tt construction will not be carried out during the exam period. They, of course, refused, or else I would not be frustrated the whole day. they said the work had been going on for a long time and they want to get it over and done with it altho i don't see the urgency for it..

So tt was how my day went- the only thing tt pacify me was tt i had my favourite food for lunch...


Friday, May 20, 2005

Colleague and boots...

Is it wrong if you get fed up when ur friend who keeps on telling u abt her bf??

My friend/colleague- i don't consider her to be a close friend but she tells me a lot of things, keeps on telling me abt her bf. Like how the bf won't allow her to open the house gate when it is raining for the fear tt she might fall sick; how her bf calls her a few thousand times a day; how her bf bought her a digicam when she went Hong Kong with her mon etc, etc..

My objection is not towards the story but the fact tt she keeps on telling me how she doesn't like what her bf does. she keeps on saying how she feels suffocated..

Then my question would be why does she cling on to him and she is getting married in July? Is it hypocracy?

Or am I envious of her cos my bf does not do all those things??

I admit tt I would like my bf to call me slightly more often blah, blah, blah..but I don't complain. I've accepted tt he's the way he is and if he decides to be extremely nice to me on a particular day, i'l just enjoy it and move on...

I used to talk to her every now and then. We even have lunch together. But recently, I don't cos she'l be complaining abt all the nice things tt her bf does..Haiz..I mean what is it tt u want??

Anyway enough of her..

I've a fashion related question: How do u wear a pair of boots without looking bitchy? Look at this one.. Isn't this nice??

I've always wanted to get one but my bf doesn't like it cos he said tt i'l look bitchy...So i'm still figuring this out??

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

'Joke' of the day..

Q: 'What do men do after sex?'

A: Go back to their wives.

It is just me or does it not make any sense?

Monday, May 16, 2005

My tiring weekend and the day after..

Its lunch time now and I've my lunch early today.My complaint today would be the fact that I am so tired to the bones...

A chronology of my weekend:


8.30-1.30: Work like a dog; attended a staff meeting which was of course long and boring.
1.30 -3.00:Fetched my little sister and had lunch that I wou;d never have again at a pathetic place.
3.00 onwards: Met up with my cousin who dropped by. Stayed in her hotel with her. she brought her daughter.So had to take her swimming which was very long and tiring. But there was an interesting site tho. A lady was seen in her bath robe 'catwalking' around her pool in her 4 inch stilettos.She was so out of place.

Had dinner at night and then on had a long bonding session with my cousin- something we used to do so often when we weren't busy which was a long long time ago.

5.00 in the morn: Slept.


8.30: Awoken by the cutest niece on earth.Asking me to take her to the pool again. So I did my duties as the 'fun anutie' which i realised later was a huge mistake.

10.30: Had an awfully late breakfast before getting ready to leave the hotel. Thought I was heading back home but my cousin decided to go to a mall.

1.00: Came home for lunch.Again entertained my niece by bringing her to the garden and showing the trees.

3.00 onwards: My cousin left. I start reading my notes for my ACCA class. Marked assignments for my students. Reading and reading until 10.

10.00:Tv time till 12. Went to sleep at one.

Its like all the things tt I did during th eweekend din tire me enough tt I had to wake up at 6 in the morn cos I had to send off my sis to school. I was in college at 8.10. And whether u believe it or not I started working- I did filing cos my table looks like a dumpster; finally looked at the ACCA qn and realised that the area tt I lecture encompasses 40% of the entire paper. This launched me into my panic mode. From then till now (apart from blogging), I've been looking at questions and typing them for the students..

I've never looked at company law this much. Its one of my favourite area but I see it too much that I think I'm gonna vomit company law..I'm sick, sick and sick of looking at terms like issued share capital, the atricles, the memorandum, the directors, blah, blah, blah...

This is so exhausting...Worse still, my computer has been infected with some virus. So not my pc is at the clinic..The worst news of all is when my IT technician told me tt he might have to reformat my pc..How abt my hard work typed notes???

Saturday, May 14, 2005

A horrible event in my workplace

Sometimes I wonder how people can actually create trouble for u..I mean don't they have anything better to do?Let me site u an example...

I went for an exhibition the other day representing my college with a colleague, an admin staff. Prior to the day, my head of faculty told us to bring a board so that we can paste info abt our college.

On the day itself, the admin staff did the packing since he was assigned the job. I met him there.He bought along with him a clerk (stupid clerk).

We went to the exhibition. To my surprise there was no board..So I asked my colleague where was it. He told me he din bring it. I told him we can't do without the board cos out booth looks terribly empty and it will cost us our rep.

I asked a clerk to go back to college to fetch the board but she refused even though she had no purpose to be there. Before coming she told me that she is following us to hep us set up the booth. So instead I sent the admin staff back to get the board- which was a waste of time and money.

My admin staff left. The stupid clerk had the cheek to tell me that he has already asked the admin staff to bring everything. I said fine. So i set up the booth waiting for her to offer help but she went around the exhibition hall instead. She left later claiming that there was nothing for her to do since she was not a lecturer.

When my admin staff came back with the board i asked him why din he bring the board. He told me that the clerk told him not to on the basis that there was a board there. The board that she meant was the partition that separates a booth from another.

I was appalled and speechless..I knew what her agenda was. U see my college is under a group of companies. This clerk is from another subsidiary but she frequently butts herself into college for no particular reason. She works closely with out president of the college. She has been trying so many many times to sabotage anything that we do simply because she wants to remove us. She wants to be in the college but she forgot that she is unqualified. So she'l try every manupilating things just to get my people in trouble. She managed to pull a fast one on my admin staff.

What kind of behaviour is that??She does all these without the slightest feeling of guilt. FIY she occasionally holds back me cheque on the basis that she is too busy to bank in my cheque..She doesn't like me at all so she finds fault with me...


Friday, May 13, 2005

My day spent...

I spend the entire day by typing a guide answer for my students. Just that...

It took me the entire day to type it.. This was all because i was surfing the net at the same time.

For a moment I felt bad because I was surfing non-work related things on the pc. I met with my head of faculty to check on whether it is wrong if i were to surf on non-work related things. He told me it was fine as long as it didn't affect my work.

He told me that I should not feel bad at all since I work really hard anyway. So this is one of the ways in which the college rewards me for my efforts. So political...I knows he has other agendas..

But then my college is quite relaxed when it comes to lecturers. This is one of the perks here- Flexibility..Luckily for my college we have yet to see any of the employees taking advanatges of the flexibility given. There is one tho who disappears for a long time once in a while. The disappearance is quite long actually- for about half a day.But she does her work quite well.

It pays off for my college to be relaxed with us. One thing for sure we are quite happy. Whenever there is some event organised by the college, the lecturer more often than not are willing to participate. Of course there are somethings and some people that we wish do not exist here.

However, the admin staffs don't enjoy ths flexibility. They even have to clock out for lunch. Its a bit pathetic but I do know that if this is not done the staffs will take a very long break. This is especially so for the newcomers.

Btw, i placed the current music head in my side bar but i cant thing of my current music. This is because i've been too busy with work to even sit and listen to music...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A new beginning and cheesecake

The semester had ended for the second and final year law students...They are now on their way to their exams-an experience that i wish not to relive..

I thought that I was going to feel sad when my students leave especially the final year students. They were the most serious, dedicated and commited to their studies than the rest.I bade them farewell and best wishes for their future endaevours.

I've reasd somewhere that an end is a new beginning..This is very true indeed. While i've ended a semester with a batch of students, i'm beginning a new journey.A new batch of students awaits and I'm actually looking forward to it.

Finally I'm beginning to commence my studies for my LLM-an important advancement of my education. I have not touched a single subject-not even stealing a glance on the subjects..

I am beginning to plan my life in a more proper manner. I've realised that my main ambition generate a huge amount of income. My bf and I are planning on the steps that we are going to take to realise our aims..This of course requires me to consider in a more serious mode whether the academic field in my life long career.

Of course on a shot term aim, I need to restructure my lecturing techniques. This means I will begin to amend my lecture notes, improve on my oratory skills and of course reas more to increase my knowledge.

My bf and I are also planning on our personal lives. We are both on the same channel fortunately- we are heading towards matrimony. the next couple of months before my students come back from their holidays, I will spend a lot of time thinking and thinking...

I realised that I've done a lot of work for the past year...
For the amount of work I've put in the past year entitle me to a reward..And my reward is of course a highly fattening and mouth watering treat:


Monday, May 09, 2005

A new perspective on law

I've been working very hard lately..I even brought home work just to finish up on my work. While I am currently so tired of working, it made me realise one thing..

I just realised something about my job as a lecturer. It made me realise how much I like law as a subject. To many it may be a boring subject because it involves numerous reading from various sources.

I stumbled upon this course when I was 17. I had seriously no idea what it was all about. Even when I was in my final year and a guy asked me why I chose to do law, I had no answer for him. I actually said tt I stumbled upon the course.

I thought one day I might regret studying law but now I realise that I was wrong. I'm glad I studied law. It allows me to think about the substantive law at a different level. The thing about law is that it enables you to think outside the box. There are so many possibilities. I know the application of the law is totally different from the theorectical part of it. It is this theoretical part of the law tt I love.

Seriously, I think I'm not making a mistake when I registered for my LLM recently. I think I've chosen the right path. For once, I feel like I'm really in the correct path. Nobody force me into it. Everyday when I read more and more, I find more interesting facts.

So I think I'm going to aspire towards writing a paper on one of the law subject. It would be a long time plan. Of course not now and time soon cos my knowledge is very shallow. I know its difficult.But I'l try..

I've one worry..Does this nerdify me??I hope not...

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

All time favourite sitcom...

It kinda of sad that it had to end. But then how long can a series go?? Its my favourtie sitcom. I like the humour and the relationships they have among them. How supportive they are of one another.

I know people will tell me that its just a show hence it doesn't really happen in real life. Where can you get a group of people financially stable having a lot of time for coffee? But at least its an ideal. Its something to hope for.

I remember learning some theories in jurisprudence when the jurist gave an ideal concept of law. It is something to look forward to.

So to me this is how friends sitcom is. Its not so much of how nice their clothes are or how much money they are earning but the main thing is their relationships. Currently, I do have a group of freinds but we are not so closely nit. We meet up once in a while and tt's it. But in friends, they are like family.. Its not tt I don't like my family or anything...

I think i'm gonna start my own collection of friends. I have a friend who has the entire collection season 1-10..I think i'l do that...

Friday, April 22, 2005

Current reading..

These books are currently read by me..Yes its very very late but I finally got the time to read. I jutt finished the first one but i can't help it..

Of course i've watched the movies..

A mixture of feelings..

I currently, i've a mixture of feelings...

Firstly, I'm happy cos it friday..TGIF!!!Its funny when i was studying the days din really matter to me cos everyday was the same.Its about studying and studying.When i'm working, I look forward to weekends...

Secondly, Imy life's so tense right now.. My first batch of students are sitting for this exams this may..So pls pray for my students. I can see that they work very hard. Some of them are so into studying that they come for the wrong classes..I pity them sometimes but what to do. I went thru the same thing for the past how many years of my life. And i'm gonna repeat it this for the next two and the half years cos i'l be sitting for my masters..

Thirdly i'm feeling crappy.. Yesterday was a holiday but due to my hardworking-ness i was working for half day. I had a class tt I can't afford to miss. So i was here at 9 in the morn. My students wanted to push it later but i said no cos i was meeting my bf..He came back for a while cos he's a wedding to attend to this sun..

I really don't feel like working tomorrow..I am so tired..I feel like i wanna faint..Is there any doctors around??Can anyone give me an mc..It would be truly appreciated..

Fourthly i'm excited..I've got my new computer..But it was missing something so i had to wait for my bf to fix it..I was all ready with my notes cos i thought i would get my pc yesterday and i could start doing my work on my new pc..

Fifthly i'm frustrated..I can't call or sms anyone from my hp..I think something is wrong..I've been trying since morning..Its not the line cos my friend's phone is working..I paid my bills!!Whats wrong with my hp???

Sixly, I'm feeling a bit weird..Why are the students friendly with me..On wednesday a gorl said hello to me.This morn also a girl greeted me..Very very wierd..I don't teach them at all..

Seventhly, I'm worried for my colleague cos she rushed back home today cos she claimed something but she din say what..Mayb i'l ask her later..

Is this possible??Can a person have a mixture of feeling at one time??Am I suffering from some illness tt can allow me to take an mc??

But the most overwhelming feeling is tt i'm dead tired. My brain is so painful from thinking...

Monday, April 18, 2005

Current music

I just learn how to paste picture on my blog...
I'm so happy..Call me crazy if u must..For a person like me who's internet illiterate this is real cool.. In case anyone's wondering ..This is an indonesian band and i luv luv luv this band..But i don't really understand what he says sometimes but its really nice to hear..

Just some things out of so many things that i don't have..

When i blogsurf, I sometimes come across blogs which display their current purchase of a new technology item. For example a current hit I think is the i-pod. Every where here and there someone either just purchased one or trying to get their hands on one.

Well...for me an i-pod is a bit far fetching..I'l tell u why...Yes judge me if u must..

  1. I am still using a nokia 3315 handphone. no polyphonic thingy, pictures whatsoeva..
  2. I'm still using my old camera which my dad bought.. eemm...10 yrs ago..the last time i used it it got stuck or something and the film is still inside..
  3. I yearn for a digi dad refused to buy one cos he said inter alia its too expensive, the old one is working fine, its too high tech for him...
  4. This explains why my blog has no picture cos i don't have the thing people use to enable them to place pictures..
  5. My computer at home was bought in 1996. But this has been solved cos my bf just bought me a new one.Just waiting for it to be installed somewhere this week.
  6. We are still using vcd when the entire universe have moved to dvd..That is partially solved cos my new pc has the dvd thingy..
  7. My house has no cable we are watching the boring local shows- this is again attributable to my dad who thinks its a waste of money and the fact tt we'l be hogging the tv all day.

I guess thats abt it to sum up where i've been living all this while- a cave!!!

So anyone wanna tell me why i should be yearning for an i-pod tho i think its pretty?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

My work sux..

What is the date today?? Emmm.. let me see..Its the middle of the month...

I just got my pay today..So i can't bank in my money yet cos i'm working and by then the banks will be closed. So i've to wait till monday before i can bank it in nad i'l only get my money on Wed..Aaarghhh...

I hate my damn stupid college..The thing is this pay is for last month..Actually I got my pay yesterday but they cut my pay in Feb for no reason. BLoody hell..

They thought I took unpaid leave. How stupid can one person get?? So they were suppose to reimburse me in Mar. When i got my cheque yesterday, i saw the amount tt i was suppose to receive without the reimbursement...

So i had to make a million and one phone calls to clear the problem..I was told that they forgot..Bloody hell..I really hate this. When it comes to collection of payment, they chase after u like crazy..When its abt paying, they'l delay like nobody's business.

So finally today they tolf me tt they'l postpone my reimbursement to April's pay.Stupid people..Seriously, my management is the stupidest lot of people I've met. Not forgetting my admin people.Actually not all lah only one person.

Of course I've written abt her here and her stupidity. She is still refusing to teach the new clerk any other work. So i thought the new clerk all the simple things. Like printing, typing things into the pc. I teach her at night cos she's normally working at night and i've night classes. I do all this just to spite that other stupid clerk.

If its not for experience, i'l leave this stupid college..I'd rather find some other colleges..

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My first experience...

Its not anything dirty or anything...

I had my first experience of being unable to answer a student's query today.

I don't know whether it was because i was too tired or what but my brain just stopped thinking for that moment. The things is that it is not as if i din know the answer to the question. It was somewhere in my mind but i can't locate it yet.

So i practically stood there for a full minute trying to figure out the answer to be given to the student. It was a horrible moment- something i don't wanna go thru again.

At that moment i could see all the eyes of the students directly looking at me and waiting for my answer.Even those who are a bit lazy and couldn't really be bothered with class was waiting for an answer. And of all the times, my brain decided to switch off on me. I can't blame my brain cos i've been torturing it with the bulk of imput that i put in. And my students, of all days, all of them decided to listen attentively..

But somehow after a minute, my brain decided to save me and i somehow managed to answer. Its seriously not a difficult question.

Luckily this was a relative small class. I can't imagine if it was a bigger class.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Things that get caught on camera..

There is this show on TV abt the thinkgs that get cught on camera. Its a good show really..It exhibits that things people do when they think no one is watching them. Sometimes it can also be disgusting..

On one of the episodes tt i watched, it was abt the things people did in the office after office hours when they think that no one is around. A couple was actually cuaght making out like crazy. Another guy was singing and dancing at his work table. A girl was seen photocopying her boobs. The worst was this lady who would pee on her boss's chair whenever she had a bad day with the boss.

One of the more disgusting ones was abt the things tt happened restaurants. A chef was caught sneezing at the food that he was going to serve. There was even picking of noses as they prepare the food. The most disgusting one was when a chef and his partner was making out at the cutting table in the kitchen with all the ingredients around them. They were all over each other and even had sex tho tt part was edited.The aftermath of it was shown to illustrate tt a love making session actually took place.. Eeee gross..

Since that day i'm really choosy with restaurants. Luckily my bf doesn't like to eat out. So we always eat in.

And recently, prince Charles was caught saying things to the interviewers. He din realise that there was a mic nearby to catch any small things that he said. The worst was he said the following-

"These bloody people," Charles then muttered to his sons. "I can't bear that man. I mean, he's so awful, he really is." "I hate these people." Its funny how things can get caught on camera..

So the next time u think u r alone, think again...I hope i don't see anyone i know on tv doing funny things cos they thought no one was around..

before i end my entry, anyone wanna guess what i'm doing rite now??no prizes for the correct answer but merely an affirmation that i'm pathetic

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Royal Wedding..

I heard that the royal wedding between Prince Charles and her partner has been postposned because it was on the same day as the Pope's funeral.

I remember when he was still married to Princess Di, people used to comment that their relationship din work because three's a crowd. I mean there was Charles, Di and Ms C.

Now that Di has passed away, there are comments that the the relationship between Charles and Ms C is still crowded. This is because, Di is up there pulling the strings..Hehehe..That's why the wedding was postponed. Even tho Di's not around, she's still up there pulling the strings... Hehehe...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

This is way better..

Sophisticated and classy, you take shitty-tasting liquid and make it look beautiful and glamorous!!

Congratulations!! You're a smart sophisticated and
beautiful martini!!

What Drink Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Finally something nice... But a bit pathetic since I'm suppose to be working rather than doing quizzes and blogging..

I reallie reallie din realise this...

I am 51% Asshole/Bitch.
Sort of Assholy or Bitchy!
I am abrasive, some people really hate me, but there may be a group of other tight knit assholes and bitches that I can hang out with and get me. Everybody else? Fuck ‘em.

Seriously...I din expect this..I thought I was a nice person..I even like pink...